April Showers – May Flowers

Kim Speaks Up - April Shower/May Flowers feature pic

Hello, May! As I awake, the words of the popular 16th-century poem ring ever so clearly in my ear:

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I remember learning this during story time in nursery school and have found myself repeating it fondly every year as the season of spring is ushered in. This year has been different though. I feel as if I have lived it. The March winds were fierce and the April showers seemed incessant but this May, my prayer is for flowers. The winter season has been a hard one for me and one where I did not do much writing just a lot of feeling, thinking and crying. I experienced loss and grief that went so deep,  I felt like I was sinking into what seemed like an abyss of my tears. 

Kim Speaks Up - Mourning into dancing

I am reminded though that in the midst of darkness beauty grows. In the midst of death, life still too can flourish. These tears that were shed are a testament to a love that was felt. It does not make me weak but shows that I am able to endure through it. The waters that flowed in April seemed to come non-stop turning my brown shrubs evergreen. I realized that the rain and the tears were necessary to preserve life. As the showers are necessary for flowers. The tears are necessary for true beauty.

We acknowledge the beginning and celebrate the end but very rarely do we embrace the middle. Grief just like rain should not be avoided. Soak it up and if you must dance in it because it too will pass just like the seasons.

The joy that is experienced at present comes as we exchange our sorrows for something deeper and more meaningful. Flowers cannot grow by sunshine alone. They need rain.

“We’re supposed to feel; we’re supposed to love and hate and hurt and grieve and break and be destroyed and rebuild ourselves to be destroyed again. That’s human; that’s humanity. That’s being alive,” he told Amelia. “Don’t avoid it. Don’t extinguish it.” – Owen ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Again, there are no May flowers without April showers.

April Showers Bring May Flowers
the sun doesn’t shine
when you need to grow

It’s the mistakes and the misery
that make us beautiful in the end. – Thomas Tusser


  • oh my goodness. oh my GOODNESS. this is SO PERFECT for where my life is at this very moment.

    praying for flowers.

    this might be my most favorite thing i’ve read in awhile. thank you so so so much for sharing it.