Love Is — Day 1

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For the month of February, I will be sharing daily the discovery, the description, and the dimensions of love through pictures and prose as I see it. Subscribe to my blog and come back daily for a dose of what “Love Is”. Without further ado, I present to you: 

Love is….Day 1

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What Ferguson Teaches Us

What Ferguson Teaches Us

*Updated 11/25/2014– The Verdict is in and Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted. My response is still the same:

As I await the verdict for the Michael Brown case, my heart plunges a little deeper. History has repeated itself again yet parts of the church have remained silent–cloaked behind cultural differences and innuendos. A harsh reality is this: many have not forgiven nor forgotten what transpired a little less than 500// 50// 5 // 3 years// 3 months ago. Ferguson has caused old wounds to fester and it needs true healing not a band-aid but true internal surgery. At the core, this is not a #‎race‬ issue, a #justice issue nor a ‪#‎political‬ issue. This is a ‪#‎sin‬ issue. This is a #heart issue. Our heart is deceitful. we honestly cannot trust it. The headlines prove why. ‪#‎Hate‬ and harboring offense are both seen as sin in GOD’s eyes. God is not most concerned with your church. He is most concerned with HIS church. God’s passion is His people. Read more

I Think I Love The Church – Guest Post

Photo by Fran Brand
Photo by Fran Brand

Today, Amy Francis is featured on the blog as my guest contributor. Wesley and I had the opportunity to meet Amy in Toronto this summer while celebrating the birthday and engagement of a childhood friend. (Shout out to Brendon & Camille Best!) Amy is a recent graduate of Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Canada and a regular contributor to RELEVANT Magazine. I am excited to hear her thoughts on Canada, Community, Christianity, and the Church. Amy is parked at . Go by and show your love. Now, grab your favorite fall beverages or rainy season drinks and enjoy:


How my relationship with church changed drastically, and stayed the same.


[otw_shortcode_dropcap label=”W” font=”Calligraffitti” background_color_class=”otw-green-background” size=”large” border_color_class=”otw-no-border-color”][/otw_shortcode_dropcap]hen I was young, church was a scheduled reminder of God and the “something more-ness” of human existence. Church was also a social place where I learned how to be genteel, how to treat others decently, and to respect my parents.

When I moved out of the house and into the dorm rooms of York University, I was acutely averse to campus church because of the social anxieties I felt. Yet inside I longed to feel connected to people and a greater cause than just my career.

Good enough, I started searching, and church found me. I met people who inspired and challenged me in my faith, and they invited me to their Sunday gathering.

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These Are My Confessions

These are my confessions 1

These Are My Confessions:

It has been close to 2 years ago that Wesley and I made the decision to move back to Atlanta to plant Tri-Cities Church on the South side of Atlanta. Although viewed as altruistic in some sense, it left me lost and dissatisfied. I left my  ‘dream’ job at the nation’s top university (Go Tigers!) where I helped shape the world’s future leaders. I left to return to a common place. A place where I have been many times before… a place all too familiar…a place where I have lost and struggled…a place where I truly did not want to invest my blood, sweat, and tears. A place where I wanted to forget– I felt stuck. Yes! I am a Pastor’s Wife and I felt Stuck. Read more