A Life With Thanksgiving

… with Thanksgiving

It’s so easy to go through life without giving much thought about how we do life. We focus so heavily on the next best thing and forget that the here and now are the most present blessing. The life to which we are called regardless of where we are, who we are and what we may encounter is one of thanksgiving.

We are called to live with thanksgiving.

We are called to love with thanksgiving.

We are called to learn with thanksgiving.

We are called to pray with thanksgiving.

We are called to give with thanksgiving.

We are called to wake with thanksgiving.

We are called to walk with thanksgiving.

We are called to work with thanksgiving.

We are called to wait with thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving steeped in hope cannot help but produce joy. This joy can never be taken away. We give thanks for the Lord is good and He has always been good. His mercies and goodness toward us are new every morning.

Thanksgiving makes contentment possible! It allows us to persevere the under pressure — to see the best in people during the worst situations.

Intentional gratitude allows us to seek opportunity in the midst of challenges. It moves our hearts and hands to action when there is a need. It sees the beggar as being as worthy as the king.

This giving of thanks can never be snatched as long as our heart remain open to what God is doing in and around us. God is faithful in both our waking and working. In winter, we will Thank Him! In the valley, we will thank Him! In the no, we will thank Him because we know he gives good things to His children in His time.

May our life be a daily tribute to God – the greatest giver of all!

Here is to giving thanks daily with purpose.

The Power of Impact – Lessons Learned from The Bees in My Yard

impact, bees, bloom, flowers


This past weekend, I took some time to photograph the flowers surrounding my house. Admiring the vibrancy of color and formations, I paused to focus my lens on one of the magenta buds when something caught my attention. I became entranced by the motions of a bee perched upon one of the flower petals. This insect was so busy yet focused in its dance as it moved with such purpose and precision. Read more

When Wounds Become Scars

We’ve all been wounded be it physically, psychologically, emotionally, or mentally.

We all have scars…

In the summer of 2012, I had an emergency appendectomy after 2 weeks of acute pain. I can never forget the excruciating pain I experienced up until surgery as doctors explained to me the laparoscopic procedure to remove my appendix.  Even though I was in pain at that present time, the surgical process would be minimally invasive and the healing time curtailed due to advancements in surgical technology. The procedure, however, would leave a permanent scar near my belly button. Read more

I Want To Be A Daddy’s Girl

Kimspeaks up - Daddy's Girl


It’s been 21 years since my father passed away yet I felt from the time I was born I never knew him. I had his initials and his last name but not his heart nor his attention. Truth is: I have always wanted to be a Daddy’s girl. This has been a very sore spot in my heart that I have tried to suppress it for such a long time until now because it’s been on my mind since last night. I am furious and saddened but I must first acknowledge it before I let it go. Read more

Thank You for The “No’s”

Kim Speaks Up - Thanks for the No's


Actually at times, I STILL DO. yet…

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ― Steve Maraboli

Recently, I found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror. Taking a good hard look at myself as my mind raced as a time capsule replaying highlight reels of my last 31 years. Realizing one of the most treasured gifts GOD had given to me on our walk together is His response of “NO”. Read more

How to Want The Hard Things

Kim Speaks - How To Want The Hard Things

Oh The Hard Things!!!

There are so many of us that feel like we are in a place of “stuckness” with God. We find ourselves questioning our identity, our place, and our purpose.

So often we come to God asking that He move heaven and earth on our behalf and make the impossible: possible yet in our minds we construct a list of terms and conditions stating what we will and will not do. Read more

Lessons Learned at 31

Kim Speaks Up - Lessons Learned at 31 #birthday #celebrate # balloons #joy #celebration #lessonslearned #life #friends #girls

Where has the time gone???

It’s my 31st Birthday today (Happy Birthday to me!)

and I am sharing some of biggest lessons learned thus far:

For all of my teens and most of my 20’s, I have felt like I had been falling behind in the goals that I set out to accomplish. I found myself falling short in many aspects of my life and banging my head against a figurative wall trying to find purpose and calling. I saw high paying jobs, mansions, dogs, babies, and the finest lifestyle in my future. If only I could skip the mire of the process and get to the end it will be all worth it…that’s until I decided to grow up. Read more