A Life With Thanksgiving

… with Thanksgiving

It’s so easy to go through life without giving much thought about how we do life. We focus so heavily on the next best thing and forget that the here and now are the most present blessing. The life to which we are called regardless of where we are, who we are and what we may encounter is one of thanksgiving.

We are called to live with thanksgiving.

We are called to love with thanksgiving.

We are called to learn with thanksgiving.

We are called to pray with thanksgiving.

We are called to give with thanksgiving.

We are called to wake with thanksgiving.

We are called to walk with thanksgiving.

We are called to work with thanksgiving.

We are called to wait with thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving steeped in hope cannot help but produce joy. This joy can never be taken away. We give thanks for the Lord is good and He has always been good. His mercies and goodness toward us are new every morning.

Thanksgiving makes contentment possible! It allows us to persevere the under pressure — to see the best in people during the worst situations.

Intentional gratitude allows us to seek opportunity in the midst of challenges. It moves our hearts and hands to action when there is a need. It sees the beggar as being as worthy as the king.

This giving of thanks can never be snatched as long as our heart remain open to what God is doing in and around us. God is faithful in both our waking and working. In winter, we will Thank Him! In the valley, we will thank Him! In the no, we will thank Him because we know he gives good things to His children in His time.

May our life be a daily tribute to God – the greatest giver of all!

Here is to giving thanks daily with purpose.

Love Is – Day 6

Kim Speaks Up...Love Is - Day 6

Love is at times letting go…

Love is releasing what is good for God’s best. It is believing no plan you have concocted for you and those you love is superior to His ways. It is reminding your soul to constantly put your hope in Jesus even when you heart is truly aching. It is the ability to grasp onto to Joy for strength when all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position and cry your eyes out. I knew this day would come, I hoped it would be 20 more years from now.

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This is Home – A Place Where I Am Known

I Call This Home

HOME – Oh the familiar!

We all have various definitions of what and where home is. It is often associated with a feeling of welcome, knowing and comfort where one can sure find refuge. I have had the opportunity to call 9 different locations home in the past 10 years (*no, I am not a military kid*) and have learned many lessons along the way: some great,  others not so great times, and a few dreadful moments drizzled in between for good measure. Read more

I Give Thanks for A Horse, A Cop, & 3 Musketeers

I give thanks

I Give Thanks

I have so many reasons to give thanks today. I am a grateful beneficiary to 3600 additional seconds of sweet slumber. Yes indeed, I fell back on my down feathered pillow and enjoyed every morsel of sweet sleep my God granted.  I awoke to the sun’s amber rays seeping through my blinds with its desire to touch the silhouette of my face. The warm embrace of my husband’s chilled signaled the beginning of another Sunday. It is a Sunday where as the Tri-Cities church community we gather together in worship for worship to our God. We sing, we praise, we pray, we give thanks.  We celebrate!

I stop. I listen. I send silent whispers of Thank You’s to heaven for a horse, a cop, and three musketeers:  Read more

My November Challenges 2014

My November Challenge 2014
My November Challenge 2014


Where has the time gone?! It’s that time of the year where the temperature drops, the crock-pots come out, and the fall aroma is ever present among us. It’s November! The beginning of a season where we stop for a moment to realize that there is much to be grateful for.  This November, I hope to be intentional and slow down for a bit by participating in 2 fun and intentional challenges: Read more