Why Do We Not Mourn

Why Do We Not Mourn

Why Do We Not Mourn?

When was the last time you mourned?  I mean seriously cried over the present state and situation of another human being or people group. In our modern western society, the custom of mourning is foreign and many times misunderstood.  Mourning makes us uncomfortable and down-right sad. We do not want to think of the dead nor the dying. It forces us to come face to face without our own mortality. So we become consumed with the notion and business of our own happiness. We neglect the holiness and happiness of others especially if it opposes or even infringes on our life.  Read more

3 More Life-Lessons Learned From My Husband That We All Can Use

Wesley Speaking

At the beginning of every week, Wesley gets up to teach the community at  Tri-Cities Church  principles for Godly living. The ones I have found to be most profound and powerful are the ones he practices daily. In a recent post, 5 Life Lessons Learned from My Husband, I listed 5 life lessons gleaned from observing Wesley.  Here are 3 more that I have found to be helpful.

1. Live SimplyWe live in a world where we receive thousands of messages daily encouraging us to upgrade, super size, expand, and double for the discounted price of more. We pay for storage facilities for stuff we have not seen in years. We subscribe to premium cable packages with 300 + channels when we only really love maybe 3 of the many. We own multiple devices when we can only use one at a time. We binge on fast food favorites that makes us feel awful after a few minutes of consumption all because we love a great deal.  Our homes are bigger and filled with stuff but are void of love and warmth. We engage in so many activities that busy becomes the norm and a call to ‘simply be’ causes us much anxiety. What consumes you, masters you. Seek to free yourself from these things. Read more

These Are My Confessions

These are my confessions 1

These Are My Confessions:

It has been close to 2 years ago that Wesley and I made the decision to move back to Atlanta to plant Tri-Cities Church on the South side of Atlanta. Although viewed as altruistic in some sense, it left me lost and dissatisfied. I left my  ‘dream’ job at the nation’s top university (Go Tigers!) where I helped shape the world’s future leaders. I left to return to a common place. A place where I have been many times before… a place all too familiar…a place where I have lost and struggled…a place where I truly did not want to invest my blood, sweat, and tears. A place where I wanted to forget– I felt stuck. Yes! I am a Pastor’s Wife and I felt Stuck. Read more