Hope For Christmas

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Hope For Christmas – A Tradition 

It’s busy around this time of year. There are cookies to be made. Carols to be sung. Lights to be strung. Ornaments to be hung. Shopping and shipping to be done. So much to do as we celebrate. We go through these days mindlessly as victims of habits. We struggle to be present while we scour stores and stand in lines to purchase presents for others. I suggest you stop, you breathe. 

Inhale – Exhale

This is what it’s all about:

Hope for Christmas - Be Present by Ann Voskamp


A dew days shy of Christmas day, I hope you experience the present of God’s presence. Christ came near. There is hope for you in the midst of hopeless situations. Christ is here. You are not alone. This miracle of His birth among sheep and shepherds is testament that there is treasure also for those in lowly places. He chose to include in his plan all who were once excluded. Christ can meet you right where you are.  Hope For Christmas - Let There Be LightThis Christmas, His presence in our very present brings light to the darkest of nights. Where joy seems respite and there is little comfort, His light in you is powerful enough to drive out darkness.  His light in you is what many need to find their way again. Give Hope for Christmas.


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So make those cookies, sing those carols. string those lights and hang those ornaments. Get your shopping and shipping done. Enjoy those beautiful times with your family. Drink the eggnog and take those family pictures but do not forget to inhale. Inhale the very aroma of not just the meals before you but the essence of Christ himself.

Christ has come. Christ is here. Christ is coming. Christ is near.

And, If you are unable to do any of the things above –

Do this 1 thing:

Choose Hope

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Christ in you is the very HOPE of glory.

Receive the gift of hope this season and give this gift to those without it. Be an agent of Jesus’ love.

I know this guy called Terence who has chosen to sacrifice this Christmas season with his family to help bring hope to those who many many deem to be hopeless. He has decided to spend 30 days on top of a bus in the midst of the cold weather to highlight the plight of those faced with homelessness and their need for dignity.

Read his story here. Terence’s acts of hope tell of a mystery revealed.

It’s a mystery revealed one dark cold night somewhere in Bethlehem over 2000 year ago.

This mystery revealed is Christ himself who brings good news of great joy.

It gives us Hope for Christmas…for tomorrow….for next week and ten years from now and even beyond.

It gives hope when the tree is void of gifts and the families return to their homes; some to their final resting places. It still is true when your home no longer smells like peppermints and freshly baked cookies only camphor balls and the kids are grown and no longer want to celebrate. When you hair is old and gray and the memories begin to fade, there is still hope.

May Christ’s presence be present in every aspect of your life this season and for all time.

Keep This Tradition of Hope Alive

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Merry Christmas to You & Yours

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  • Logan Cantrell

    Thank you so much for this reminder of the real reason we even celebrate this time of year. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the presents, Santa, food, etc.

  • Alli Smith

    Christmas is my favorite holiday because it’s the celebration of the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I even enjoy the hustle and bustle and cooking and all the busy things we do, but there’s a song in my heart through it all – I’m redeemed! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  • Rachel

    A beautiful reminder to the real reason for the season. Through it all, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and always lose sight why we celebrate this time every year. I have no words on the part about Terrance, what a selfless act to remind others to be generous, not only with love but with kindness and generosity. Thank you, I needed to read this today.

  • Kristel

    Amen! Love this.

  • I love the line that Jesus is the reason for every season – tweeted it. Thank you for this and for sharing Terrance’s story. I love reading your blog!!

  • swithers6

    This was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this great reminder.

  • tianna

    such a lovely post! thanks for sharing this 🙂

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  • Theresa

    Beautiful post. Our Christmas tradition has been “just staying put.” We’re travel for Christmas eve but Christmas day, we stay home and spend the holiday with our immediate family.

  • Stephanie Felder

    Beautifully written. I reminded my 4year old of this very thing today as she was exclaiming her excitement over presents. Thank you for sharing Christ so beautifully!

  • Danielle Knapp

    A great reminder – I try to teach my son the true meaning of the season.

  • This is something that I teach my children it is so easy to get sucked into the commercialized side of Christmas that people fail to remember that love and giving goes beyond the holiday and holds more value.

  • PamelaLDavis

    Beautiful post! It’s so important to remember what the season is all about. This is a perfect reminder. #BLMGirls

  • Merry Christmas Kim! Enjoy your holidays with the family 🙂

  • Extending a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Caroline Barnes

    Your are so right! We have to remember what Christmas is all about. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Bree

    Terrance seems like a great person and I know that he is blessed. Happy holidays! #blmlove would love to follow each other!


  • I love this post! Thank you so much for sharing this great message!! It’s so easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas with all the activities that go on, but we need to!

  • Susan Mahlburg

    My daughter is currently walking around the house singing “This Little Light of Mine” …. love your reminder to let the Light shine

  • Lovely post!! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!!

  • Samantha

    I love reading your posts and getting to see your amazing heart shine through!