How to Want The Hard Things

Kim Speaks - How To Want The Hard Things

Oh The Hard Things!!!

There are so many of us that feel like we are in a place of “stuckness” with God. We find ourselves questioning our identity, our place, and our purpose.

So often we come to God asking that He move heaven and earth on our behalf and make the impossible: possible yet in our minds we construct a list of terms and conditions stating what we will and will not do.

We want God to do the big things…The hard things…The extraordinary things. The things that let others go “ WOW That’s awesome!”. The things that lead to financial gain and promotion.


Written somewhere in our contract with Him, we propose that we do the easy things, the things that keep us comfortable, the things that do not consume our most prized resources and take up most of our time, the things that do not desire any self-examination and self-denial. We do not want the things that require financial loss, demotion, and the everyday mundaneness. We do not want to do the hard things…the things that bring no honor from others. We do not want to do the things that require more of us but points to more of HIM.

Jesus has lots to say about this here.

Kim Speaks Up - Ask Anything of God

Let’s be honest. It’s in our proposed contract. The one that’s longer than the terms and conditions set forth by Apple before a software update. The abridged version sounds like this….

Lord give us …

  • The long life
  • The amazing spouse
  • The healthy & obedient children
  • The Mansion – one in the city and one in the country
  • The Bentley, BMW, and Benz
  • Great health
  • Long hair and beautiful legs
  • Let me eat to my heart’s content without getting fat
  • So much money that I do not know what to do with
  • CEO Status even though I never went to business school
  • Of course Jesus, I want you with me so you can attend to my need when I call!


Before you require anything of me remember…

  • I have a family
  • I need to work
  • My car is about to give out
  • This house is too small
  • We already have too many kids
  • The pantry is about to be empty
  • My finances are limited
  • I do not have a passport
  • I am not the most charismatic and prettiest of people
  • People will not listen when I speak
  • I got a bunch of issues
  • I am emotionally unavailable
  • I am way too busy

Ok, so I may be exaggerating a bit. Or am I?

The point is: We want God to give us “VIP Status” in the kingdom rewards program when we have little to no desire to do kingdom work.

I  may have just stepped on your toes. Let me say it for you, “OUCH!”

How do I know all this to be true? My attitude and posture tell it. My timidity and reservation in prayer shout it…”Lord, you can do anything but do not ask anything of me!” I may not utter it with my lips but the reservations in my heart scream it. I need help!

We fear missing out on the “good life”. It is easier for us to extend our hands to receive that it is to extend or hands to give.

Kim Speaks Up - Middle Eastern ChildrenLately, I find myself praying, “Lord give me the desire to desire You and the things of You desire!” Saying Yes to God is greater gain than loss my friends. Your “yes” blesses others who may have never met you or known your name.

Desire the hard things…The impossible things… The eternal things.

Asking anything of God comes with an understanding that He can also ask Anything of us. Jennie Allen has lots to say about this in her new book.

Can God use us??? I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that GOD can use us.

Will God use us??? The answer to this lies in our availability, our willingness, our deep desire to honor him in ALL that we do. The answer to this question is in our “Yes!”

Now it won’t be easy. You may question whether God can be trusted. You may also find yourself struggling in your mind whether you are worthy of God using you. I promise that you are.

Yesterday, my friend – Tanyaradzwa, broke out into this song during our conversation and I believe it is so fitting for this post. We cannot experience the full power of God in our lives until we give Him a “Yes!” without reservation.


What is holding you back from saying “Yes” to God?

  • Tauheedah Muhammad


  • Samantha

    I love that call for an unconditional “Yes”! love, love, love!

  • Great post! This is something I can definitely relate to right now. Lately I have been feeling eager for more, eager for God to use me, but maybe he hasn’t been using me because i have been afraid of what he may ask me to do. Also, I love Jennie Allen! I am currently reading her book Restless.

  • Laila

    Love this post and I definitely needed this is reminder. It is important to remember that everything comes from Him and that we are to keep Him in mind in all the things we do. We can do hard things!

  • Joni Mitchell

    You are right on time as the vessel. Needed this post to remind me that it’s all because of Him and I can lean on Him and not myself

  • Lauryn Lasko

    YES I love the quote (on the picture) that says if we ask God for something, he can ask anything of us (paraphrasing). So true. I think sometimes I forget to do my end of the bargain.

  • CouponDivaAndi

    my pastor always says that God has already given us the BEST gift in Jesus – and anything else He blesses us with – it’s icing on the cake (those are my words) 😀

  • I always interpret the verse that says God will give us the desires of our hearts, that when we get close to God, our desires come from Him. I find that what I want for and in my life change as I grow in my walk with Him!

  • kita

    I always believe God gives us what we need not what we want. Once I narrow that down I think I will be good because I think I need a lot but in actuality I just want it. Great perspective

  • Too true. Weirdly enough, I pray for good things for everyone not just myself and also, I’m okay with the hard things even if they’re hard. 🙂 It’s been a long road and it’s a struggle every day, but I revel in the struggle. thanks for this great post!

  • True true true!!

    And God has to be able to trust you with your blessing! It’s so easy to pray for the big things and not give in order to receive. That’s something I need to work on myself!

  • What a post. Jesus is not only available for our own selfish needs a want…we must give unto him too. The simplest and easier thing we can do for the Lord is to listen and be obident and we can have the riches of the kingdom.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this post. We take God and His generousness for granted. We will be quick to hold our hands like He owes us when we really owe Him!

  • Amy Albers

    I always remember the story of Moses – that man felt so unequipped to lead, but God chose him and made him capable. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Preach! It’s human nature for us to always want to take the easy way out, but God requires so much more from us than sometimes we are willing to give. Lord help us/me!

  • Great post. Yes, I’m sure you stepped on some toes…including mine. I just sat here and realized while reading this that I’m guilty of trying to negotiate with God. “If you answer my prayer, I’ll do XXX forever…” I also believe that God uses us in every way. If we walk in faith, his light will shine through us.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful post.

  • Being connected to the most high God is a gift that keeps on giving. I think it is important for each person to resonate with the God inside of them, and for them to act accordingly. I feel that we are always prepared to pass the test of living, loving, and sharing…

  • A tough, but much needed message. Thank you for opening up and sharing the word of the Lord.

  • Wow! You put a lot of things into perspective. Thanks for that message!

  • Jessica Hughes

    I love your blog. So much! Preach that good Word! Needed this today my dear. Thank you

  • outsidetheboxmom

    Ouch! My toes were definitely stepped on. Everyday I ask him to do the hard things, yet I’m not willing to do (m)any. Maybe if I did some of the hard things, I could ask him to do something easy, for once. Off to apologize…

  • You are speaking right to me!! I have been in a place where I am standing on the edge of God’s promises to me and what I’ve promised to give to Him. Thank you so much for this reminder…

  • Katherine Gilbert

    I so needed to read this. For a few weeks I’ve been wondering why things weren’t going right in my life. I noticed the one thing that was different was I had stopped reading my Bible app. I was losing motivation. I’ve gone back to it and things are starting to look up for me. I find this post so motivating.

  • RattlesandHeels

    Girl, this is it right here! “Before you enjoy the promise, you must first go through the process.” So true.

  • I abmit to being guilty of these. If I served half as much as I asked for that would be a tremendous improvement.

  • Camesha

    So much running through my mind right now. First, great post. I LOVE that song. I used to keep it on repeat. I love the quote about if we can ask anything of God, He can ask anything of us. We don’t tend to think of it that way. Myself included.

  • I have sayed yes, I have grown to understand that God offers direction, even in my business I see and am learning to go to him, and to remember the promises that he has made to me…God is not man, to lie