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The Little Things In Life Make the Greatest Impact

It’s the little things that we do daily that make the biggest difference of whether we fail or succeed. Doing the little things well are one of the key factors to success. The little things are the bedrock for a lifestyle of integrity and it’s the things that are so easily memorable.

I have spent the last few weeks remembering the everyday habits of my grandmother, the seemingly monotonous moments that made her life full of meaning. As I conjure up each memory, a smile comes to my lips. The consistency is what I remember. It is what I will miss. It was the little things that made her unique.

The every day incremental activity in your life procures diligence. Take the ant, for example.

Little creatures — amazing results:

The Little things - Proverbs 30:25 - The diligence of ants

As we begin a new month, I want to challenge you. Do not become so focused in doing big things that you neglect to do the little things well.

  • Pay attention to details
  • Give it your all
  • Make it special
  • Choose to be present in every moment
  • Do not miss what is in front of you
  • Learn contentment
  • Seek Joy

Doing the little things is no small feat. It is the testament that you can be trusted with the everyday tasks and responsibilities even when it seems as if no one is paying attention. Trust me – in the end, someone will notice.

Do not miss them.

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  • I love this! I am a huge believer in the little things. Making coffee for my husband. When he does the dishes or cleans up his messes. Calling a friend who’s having a rough day instead of just texting them. Asking my husband how I made him feel loved. Those little things make up the big thing that is LIFE!

  • What a lovely post. I love sitting on my back porch and thinking of all the things in my life I am grateful for and it always brings back memories of family and other times.

  • Such wise words! The little things can make some of the hard big things so much better!

  • Yes i really need to pay attention to details. Sometimes I find life passing me by way too quickly and I just want to remember everything!

  • divasrunforbling

    I love this! It is so important to be present and appreciate the little things in life. Something I am definitely working on for sure 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the reminder to slow down and enjoy life to the fullest!

  • Nadeen

    I needed this. Thank you! We get so caught up with life’s challenges and our goals we don’t stop to look at or feel the little things that can bring us so much joy!

  • Such a great reminder – it really is the little things!! Love love love!

  • MJ

    I often reflect on my grandmother. Indeed she loves and lived life simply. She was always so peaceful. I miss that about her but when things get rough, the memories definitely help to sooth me.

  • Josselyne H.

    You are so right. We should stop and smell the roses as they say. Its the little things that will keep you smiling and sane when you feel you havent accomplished enough or when you get down about the big things. Great post.

  • You are so right Kim! Thanks for the great reminders as always. The little things make such a huge difference, and sometimes that’s all it takes to change someone’s life.

  • i could not agree more. the magic of life is always found in the little often ignored things. thanks for the reminder.