Lord, Teach Me – An Earnest Prayer

32 “If you love those who love you, what

Lord, you have asked that I not be limited in my scope of you. Yesterday, prompted me to dream God-sized dreams for your people– trusting that you are able to do them. Why is my scope of you so limited. Why does my finite mind limit your infinite power when ;I know you want to do more in me and through me. Why do I doubt your ability to work as you said that you would.

My faith in you seems to waver every day. Some days, I am confident and other days I doubt. My emotions seem to rule my life if I do not keep them in check by the principles of your word. Teach me Lord not be a slave to my emotions and the toxic habits that my heart is prone to. I need more of your ‘living water’. I need to molded and shaped to be the person you oh God has called me to be. My heart needs to be broken by the things that break your heart. Mercy needs to be shown to those you desire to show mercy. I need to forgive those you have instructed me to forgive. I need to banish and curse the ways, you have asked that I give up. Show me what Godly repentance is. Show me what it means to do a 180, to change my mind because it has been renewed and transformed being washed by Your word.

Help me to not be deceived by trying to do things my own way– Thinking I can pursue a fulfilled life when true fulfillment can only be found in you. Why do I constantly make the mistake that I have all it takes when the reality is that in you there is all that I need. I lack nothing in your presence. Help me to abide in you so I can abide among your people. Teach me to love both in action and in truth. Teach me discernment to know what is of you and what is not in your character. Let me not be shaken by every whim or word of reason that raises up itself against your authority. Teach me to submit to you wholeheartedly–loving the very nature of you and trusting you with my all. Teach me to obey.

Teach me to be humble. Teach me how to depend on you. I know that you promised that you will use me one day but I wrestle with how I can be used today. I want to achieve your vision. Stir the gifting in my heart. Make the tools and resources clear. Help me to be comfortable with constant change. Help me not to resent You as You spur me on. Help me to be honest with You in all things.

I believe this time, you are calling me to something major. I believe that this time you are calling me to something big. This time you are asking me to trust you without abandon. This time your goal is total transformation. You know my heart — search it, purge it, use it! I am yours and You are mine. Be my 1st love once again–My one and only. This is your God-sized dream for me!


  • MJ

    Ok so I just cried. This is so beautiful and again on time. I got some scary news yesterday and I turned it over to God but then found myself worried and doubtful. I had to center myself. How beautiful a prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you and Amen!

  • Kerissa

    Amen! This prayer was so in tune with your post on waiting and patience. I could sense the sincerity in the prayer penned and the cry of your heart to be totally surrendered to a loving God who holds the world in His hands.