Love Is — Day 1

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For the month of February, I will be sharing daily the discovery, the description, and the dimensions of love through pictures and prose as I see it. Subscribe to my blog and come back daily for a dose of what “Love Is”. Without further ado, I present to you: 

Love is….Day 1

10:00 a.m.

I waited for her with much anticipation. It had been over 2 years since I saw her face. More than 2 years since we chatted about love, life, and everything in between. Much had been accomplished in these past 2 years. She gained a degree. I gained a church. She moved to the big city and I moved to the suburbs. She had major opportunities to learn new things, meet new people, and find love and so did I.

This morning, we sat across from each other at a quaint brunch spot with a modern Cajun flair. Both admitting the obvious. It had been 2 whole years. Two years of our lives needed to be stuffed into this power hour in between her strawberry French toast drizzled with all the pecan fixings and my parmesan grits. We spoke of love: The love for life at present…the love for the potential of the future…and the love for God as He continued to guide us unto paths unknown. She left to board a plan to NYC as I drove to gather with my Tri-Cities Church community. I smiled, because in that moment, I felt it – A love for life.


11:00 a.m.

I stood across from them as they sang rousing songs of victory and of a God who was not intimidated by our problems nor our afflictions. He reigned victoriously in a way only true champions can. Hands were raised, voices were raised, as a community who had gathered together sang aloud testifying to the love of a God who has overcome every stumbling block presented before Him to ensure that we too can be victorious even over death. Then the sermon began— “Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus?”

Are Jesus’ miracles and parables what keep you engrossed with his life? Are you content with simply observing from the sidelines or does a true devotion bid you to come? Does this fascination with Christ and the audacity of His grace move you to pick up your cross and follow Him…even unto death if needed knowing that death is no match for Him therefore it’s no match for you? If you are a fan, the fascination will soon wear off. If you are a follower, the love of God compels us and the love of God sustains us. In that moment, you feel it. I felt love who is.

Love is Day 1...A heart of gratitude

1:00 p.m.

I sat across from them as they exchanged vows in a tiny 1 bedroom condo. It was an intimate affair among friends. After 20 years of being together, they made a pledge before God and some dear ones to treasure each other and love each even unto death as long as they both lived. They had been through so much. They experienced loss, heartbreak, and pain but in the midst of broken places found a love so strong that even after all this time decided to make it official. Now they are man and wife. They learned over the past two decades that

 There I felt it. I felt love that was.


4:00 p.m.

They sat across from us, discussing the potential of what a love and life between them would look like. Both branded and grew up in a different marinade with different cultures and different mores but with a desire to learn from each, to grow with each other, and to love each other. She spoke of her home and her dreams as he looked at her with great appreciation in his eyes. He discreetly and so gingerly stroked her hand. She looked at him with a smile. He looked at her and there was hope.There I felt it. I felt love that could be.

As you look around, the footprints of love are everywhere. May it leave an impression on your heart.

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32 thoughts on “Love Is — Day 1

  1. This is such an encouraging post of love, the greatest is love that God has for us. A heart full of gratitude towards God does exhibit this love to others. Thank you for this!

  2. Love this, it really makes me think. I loved that title of the sermon – “Are you a fan of Jesus or a follower?” Thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautful post. And there’s nothing like reconnecting with an old friend…or witnessing tolerance in action. 🙂

  4. I loved reading these 4 very different descriptions of love. There really is love all around us, isn’t here?! You sure stopped to soak it all in…may we all try to emulate your efforts and stop to notice the love that surrounds each of us.

  5. I absolutely love the, are you a fan or follower of Christ? Oh God’s love is so wonderful and unconditional, it causes us to love in return. Wonderful Post

  6. Kim, this is amazing! I truly believe that love is all that matters, and all that will matter in the end. Your post beautifully outlined your day and all the details, which I think is too easy for us to overlook. You noticed and took in all the glorious aspects of what your senses observed. That is life to me, acknowledging and seeing the details and recalling them with a viewpoint of sharing the love seen. Peace! 🙂

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