Love Is – Day 3

Kim Speaks Up...Love is Day 3


Love is seeing color and appreciating every variation of hue – the richness of tones and textures –  the contrast of elements. The traditionalist, the impressionist, the modernist – all illustrate in color. Though the painting may be abstract and messy, it creates the perfect portrait for display. It tells a story worth so much more than a summit of words.

We were never designed to live in a monochromatic world where beauty was to only be found in the familiar. The allure of the exotic, the different, and the varying pigments are all meant to be enjoyed. None is more beautiful than the other but all showcase a masterpiece created and curated by an artist and an architect – a master in His field of expertise. Our design, our nature, and our color breathe life into the canvas on which it is printed. It infuses both function and fashion to its present form.

Kim Speaks Up -- Beauty makes you unique

Our differences should never be what separates us but the glue that holds us together. It is what weaves the tapestry of our lives. Life gets most interesting when we discover color beyond the primary of red, yellow, and blue. When life is done together, you get colors like Marsala. The molds from which we are made may have come from deep dark places, but the love and care of the sculptor in shaping us gives beauty and purpose. Love sculpts mounds of clay into priceless pieces. Love fortifies with a frame that is able to stand in the heat of opposition. Love shapes and styles in a way that one is able to carry the weight of another even while being fragile.

“Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”Isaiah 64:8

I – a concoction of spicy, feisty, island blue was blended with the red, solid, and sturdy Georgia clay and we make art together. Our friends from across the way: – White, Hispanic, Asian, Creole, and Indian add both drama and excitement to our canvas. They complement our palette well. The portrait of a cool spring evening can easily be transposed into a fiery summer day when they are around. We see them. We see their color, their textures, their tones, their vibrancy, and we love them exactly the way they are.

When purchasing art, the buyer wants an original. He or she chooses authentic over perfect. He or she purchases not with her head but with her heart. The hues of life speak to them, minister to them, and soothe the desires of both their eyes and their souls. They want color. They want depth. They want an extension of love and life. The truth is …. So do we.

kimspeaksup - love color love beauty

A blank canvas is worth nothing to its beholder if there is no intention to create. Every creed and every race are displayed in the artistry of humanity. Embrace the diversity around you and let it enhance the quality and richness of your life. Your life with color is worth so much more than your life without it. I dare you to see color embedded in the womb of love.

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  • I love this post and the artwork is lovely!

  • Maria Davis

    Love your imagery! I think my husband must be a feisty orange and I’m a creative purple. We work well together. 🙂

  • Love the quote about how beauty is what makes you unique. Such an important thing to remember.

  • iSpeakHisName

    Love this so much!!

  • Britney Thompson Mills

    SO fun! I think it’s important to be your kind of beautiful and it makes the world a more colorful place 🙂

  • Amalia

    I love how colour is so different, and amazing-looking at my old room, and my new room (I just moved) it’s so funny to see how my tastes changed! I went from little-girl bright colours, to more ‘sophisticated’ colours. (Although one of my walls is secretly chalkboard! 😉 )

  • Alli Smith

    Life would be so boring if we were all the same color and our houses were all the same color. I’m all about being unique. My favorite color is big, bold red – the same color as my dining room walls. 🙂

  • Very beautifully said!

  • Beautifully written! Bright, happy colors make such a huge difference on my mood! I love varying shades of blue. :]!

  • Neely

    Amazing post. I have loved reading these everyday!

  • Lovely! This post just made my dark, snowy day a bit brighter. 🙂 It is so often the differences rather than the similarities that make relationships fun. Great post!

  • What a beautiful post! You have a way with words. Thank you for sharing

  • Thank God that he has given us a beautiful world full of color. How drab it would be without it. Beautiful piece, sis!

  • Mitzi Smith

    “A blank canvas is worth nothing to its beholder if there is no intention to create.” love this.
    God makes beautiful things. 🙂

  • Beautiful words Kim!

  • Jen

    Oh goodness. This is a such a beautiful post!

  • I am loving these posts! There is so much beauty in our world – we need to embrace it!

  • Green is my favorite color for sure, but color truly is a phenomenal thing. We take it for granted!

  • Kimberly Farrell

    Wow! Beautiful post!

  • Sarah

    Uniqueness- we are all perfectly made by our creator! Scuba Diving is a hobby of mine because I live seeing the colors & patterns below the water!

  • He chooses authentic over perfect…. Man that will stick with me all day. Beautiful! I love it. I’m following you on Feedly and Facebook now.

  • Shannon Peterson

    This is beautifully written!

  • Theresa

    Beautiful! Without diversity, the world would be very dull. Life with color is important 🙂

  • Lovely piece! Very beautifully written as well!

  • Beautiful post – I really enjoyed reading it. Diversity and uniqueness are beautiful!

  • LOVE THIS!!!

  • Ilona K.

    Very nice and pretty site Kim:)

  • Nancy

    This was awesome!

  • Love what you said, “Our differences should never be what separates us but the glue that holds us together”. It really rings true to me. Life would be so boring if we were all the same!

  • I love this! What an amazing perspective, and it’s so true! Life wasn’t meant to be lived or seen in black and white.

  • I like this! I especially like when you said, “Our differences should never be what separates us but the glue that holds us together.” So true. Our lives are masterpieces full of color. 🙂

  • Samantha Bender

    Very inspiring and beautifully written, as always!

  • What a beautiful post! We should celebrate the ways in which are different, and embrace that we were all fashioned in His image.

  • I love this what a great way to look at life in general, we sometimes take things for granted and this makes me stop to appreciate what I have so thank you for sharing

  • ***repeated finger snaps** Beautiful!

  • Bernetta

    Love is all shades for me! I love color and love being in love!

  • Tara Joy

    “A Blank canvas is worth nothing to its beholder if there is no intention to create.” Oh how your words are so lovely! God molded us all specifically, created us beautifully just the way he intended. God is the ultimate artist!

  • Debi Robarts

    Love this. Great post – I love love!

  • Cassandra Vincent

    Kim you have a way with words. I read one of your posts from this series last night and just felt so soothed by reading the words! Awesome gift!

  • Very well written! BTW, the color marsala is very pretty! 🙂

  • I love this. It’s beautifully written. I agree that we should see color. Color is beautiful, unique, important. Great job!

    • Miranda Meehan


  • I love the beauty quote. I’m so tired of trying to fit in. Unique sounds pretty great!

  • Lauryn Lasko

    This is a beautifully written post, and perfect for Valentines days!

    xo, Lauryn from Lauryncakes | Style and Beauty

  • Starkey

    This is so awesome! I loved the ending of this post. I can’t wait to read what’s next.