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Seek Me - One Word

God has always had His special way of getting my attention when He desires it and this year, I must say, is no different. It seems like we started the year playing hide and seek. Let me explain…

Wesley and I rang in the new year with some dear friends around the fire pit sharing stories and laughing it up and we were ready to bring our early morning rendezvous to a close.

We bid our friends Adieu as they scurried to their cars to escape the brisk winter air. The first words out of Wesley’s mouth to me was a weird question which at first I had to replay many times to make sense of the context. His question: “Where is the car key fob that was on the table?” I looked at him with a sense of bewilderment on my face. My first response: “Huh?!”


“The key fob for the truck,” he further explained…You see, the father of some dear friends parked his truck at our house while he traveled and left his keys with us. The key fob was missing and we had to find it.

It is 1:30 in the morning and we find ourselves turning over the house to seek out this fob. I called my friends and asked them to search, we retraced our steps, brush through puffs of smoked from a diffused fire to see if the fob was misplaced outside. We even found ourselves scouring through the stinky smelly garbage of yesterday and yesteryear to ensure we did not dispose of it by mistake.

I do not know if you caught that but I was so desperate in my search to find this fob that I donned some gloves and we meticulously examined our garbage, which included (debris from the vacuum, dog hair, chicken guts, blood from the ground beef, and the solid composition of bacon grease that was laced with varieties of paper tags). It was not a pretty sight nor smell but it had to be done.

Finally, I paused cause I felt my frustration rising so I took a deep breath. In that moment, it was if I had a second of clarity and an instinct to check my handbag. Wouldn’t you know the car key fob was there perfectly secured with my car keys. I scooped it up by mistake in my rush to clear the kitchen table.


So you ask: Why the story and what does this have to do with my one word for the year.

Well, for a few weeks I have been praying and asking God for a theme for 2016. One word that I can center my life’s purpose around for the year and He gave me these words 3 weeks ago – Seek Me!

It's Christmas in the neighborhood. #winter #summer #outdoors #tree

AND how would He confirm this? By sending me seeking the misplaced key fob that was safely secured in my purse. My first calculated activity for 2016 would be seeking…. I had to laugh at myself.

The satisfaction and relief that I felt when I found what was lost far outweighed the feelings of desperation during my times of  searching. I have to believe this is so in our relationship with God.

Seeking God is never easy. It takes time. It is an intentional mindful activity that requires us to be ALL IN.

We will have to retrace our steps, ask for help, and even scour through some of the messy places that we claimed we will never venture. It is accepting a posture of humility and realizing that you are desperate. The very thing you seek is the very thing you need. You will not come up empty-handed.


You will find me --- Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

So my dear friend, if your desire too is to Seek Him, He promises that we will find Him.


  • Seek His Face
  • Seek His Instruction
  • Seek His Kingdom
  • Seek His Will
  • Seek His Counsel
  • Seek His Good
  • Seek Wisdom
  • Seek Justice
  • Seek Peace

Seeking reminded me that I too carry the tendencies of a wandering nomad needing to be found.

So this year:



Do you have a theme or a word for 2016? Please share with me by commenting below:




23 thoughts on “Seek 2016

  1. Our Heavenly Father is indeed humorous! Thank you for sharing [and enduring] what it means to SEEK. Your experience helped to translate the “real life” correlation to spiritually seeking Him out. I will plant this scripture and your accompanying words of wisdom in my heart to be remembered throughout the year and beyond…

  2. Thanks for sharing. There is a reason why they say he works in mysterious ways :-). Have a great 2016!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this reminder we always need to hear! Wishing you a fabulous 2016!

  4. Thank you for this! I am working in community with a life coach and our assignment every morning is to choose one word per day (sometimes it’s the same word for a month) and be intentional about incorporating it into our daily activities. My word today (for the past few months) is Consistent!!!!!

  5. Right on time! Thanks very much for writing this article. I receive it…Slow down and seek GOD! #BBL

  6. The words god and kingdom and will are a blur to me but I CAN seek peace. Peace is good. 🙂

  7. My word for the year is intentional. I have always just moved when I felt like it, but like you said I need to seek Him and ask for direction. Really and truly that is the first step to being intentional in our living and being. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Very powerful! I loved your story. Maybe not the party of you going through the trash, lol, but it was a very good read. My word for this year would probably be move. 1) Move into our own place 2) Move as in exercise 3) Move as in careers. Hopefully I can accomplish these goals this year. Happy new year and I hope you have a great 2016!

  9. Funny how life seems to show you just what you need at just the right time. I love your writing style.

  10. Love this! If I had to choose a word for this year, it would be seek as well. I used to think that in prayer, I shouldn’t be asking for God to help me all the time. I thought it should be more thanking than anything. This year I’m learning that I need God’s help. Period. So I am choosing to seek him and ask more often. Thank you for this post!

  11. I love the seek me theme! How powerful is this story and I want to take this with me to for the year! Thank you for the affirmation on Gods word as it wasnt just for us, but for us all. My theme is Manifest A Yes!

  12. I love the seek me theme! I think it’s important for anyone to seek Him first. He will answer your questions and relieve any concerns. My theme this year is Put Me First.

  13. Very insightful. I enjoyed reading this. My theme for the year is growth through healing. Thanks for this inspiring post, and have a wonderful year.

  14. All of this. I was supposed to read this post at least a week ago but didn’t get around to it until today and today, my bible verse of the day was Jeremiah 29:13. Welp, when He speaks…

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