Why I Speak Up


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For the past year and a half, I have wrestled with the notion of starting a blog. I have questioned my purpose for it and my niche. The blogging world seems so heavily saturated and competitive and it seems like there are many doing what I desire to do. I procrastinated and talked myself out of doing this many times – trying to rationalize why would any one want to hear what I had to say about anything.

I am no expert at this thing called life and am simply learning while I am living.  Many times having to learn the same lesson over and over again. I have very few interesting things happening in my life that are Pinterest or Instagram worthy. Do people really care what I have to say.

I convinced myself by providing every logical argument as to why I should not do this but God through His WORD presented me with the most compelling reason of why I should:

Why I Speak Up!

I am learning when one does not speak up, many suffer in silence, in shame, and in sickness even til death. Our story holds the power and the key to free many held bondage by their past or present situation. Our stories motivate some to stand in the midst of trials, others to press in the midst of  distress, and many to take a leap of faith. We can identify with one’s struggle yet celebrate another’s victory.

The purpose of my blog is to speak on behalf of some who have no voice, for others who have lost their voice and still for those who are yet to find their voice. I have been all three. There were times that I felt like I had no voice. I had nothing to say. I did not have the gall to stand up and say what needed to be said. Other times, I felt like I had fallen so far away from where I needed to be, that my situation warranted me to remain silent. Yet in the midst of my misses and my messes,  God has called me to speak up. He has prompted  me to stand up and speak truth, to say what many fear to admit – to say what desperately needs to be said.


How can they know

I am here to speak Up for you and for HIM.

  • I hope to inform you of ways you can connect with God’s heart.
  • I hope to inspire and encourage you to be all that God has purposed you to be right where you are.
  • I hope to uplift you with the powerful words of God’s truth sprinkled with humor and steeped in love and grace.
  • I hope to empower you to speak up and share your story! Read | Comment | Share | Subscribe

A word in season can bring freedom to both the hearer and the speaker — the writer and the reader.

You are an author and an orator.  

Your Story is ultimately for God’s Glory.