Starting Over – Gaining New Perspectives

Starting Over

Starting: It’s been a while since I have written. The past year has been filled with many good changes and also some challenges but they all have been rich. My tendency is to simply let them be and not document all that has occurred.

But I have resolved in this season that I do not want to squander my time bogged down by the negativity of the press and the things that I cannot control. I want to add light and fresh air to my own little corner of the blogosphere with hopes that it catches on. So I am starting.

Taking time to highlight beauty and art. Slowing down to acknowledge God’s grace and goodness in all things. Encouraging the hearts of those that need to read the words at just the right time. Seeking truth and speaking truth. Adding my pizzazz of personality to what has been such a dormant space.

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Over: As of now, my vision for this space is evolving and will come with time but I want God to lead me on this. How should I use the space and opportunity for His glory? How should I curate the everyday moments of beauty so they see more of him and less of me? How do I continue to stay true to my identity instead of being swept away and overwhelmed by the maintaining and the fear of missing out?

It’s learning and accepting that the process is just as important as the goal.  Marathon over sprints. Slow cooked meals over fast-food. Finding strength in the midst of struggle. Reading the same passage with fresh eyes.

Each day holds a blank canvas to create new things, have new revelations, and live into new possibilities. My goal in this season is learning how to thrive in these spaces without adding anything new to my life but using what I already have – renewed mind, refreshed eyes, and a rejuvenated body.

Starting with this space…So here is to starting over.

I will love to hear some of your stories about start over.