Thank You for The “No’s”

Kim Speaks Up - Thanks for the No's


Actually at times, I STILL DO. yet…

“As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” ― Steve Maraboli

Recently, I found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror. Taking a good hard look at myself as my mind raced as a time capsule replaying highlight reels of my last 31 years. Realizing one of the most treasured gifts GOD had given to me on our walk together is His response of “NO”.

The “No’s” in my life that were once so hard to stomach have literally become my saving grace.

God’s “No’s” have saved my life far more than the “yes” of men.

  • The no’s of rejection were for my protection
  • The no’s of correction were for my understanding
  • The no’s of the present were for my preparation
  • The no’s of adversity were for my maturity
  • The no’s of passion were for my preservation
  • The no’s to right now were for my self-control
  • The no’s to my egotistical rants were for my humility
  • The no’s to the temporary where for my eternity
  • The no’s to my personal gain were so that others can be blessed
  • The no’s that brought me to my knees were to ensure that I was able to stand
  • The no’s to the possible were to ensure that God did His best work.

It is so easy to complain and compare about what we do not have and miss God’s blessing in the No. I find myself thanking God for shut doors that no man can open these days. Those closed doors have protected me time and time again from the unknown and the unseen.

The  “NO” has become a gift of grace. So I choose to give thanks. I trust that God’s way is best! He existed before the beginning began and will exist after the ending ends. He stood before time and purpose this best for His creation.

The no’s that GOD has gifted me may be the best yes I have ever experienced in my life.


Think about it: What no’s are you most grateful for? And how has it benefited you at present?

  • I know exactly how you feel about “no”. Sometimes it there to protect us but at that moment that no can crush ya! I’m also learning to be thankful for the nos that have come my way as well!

  • kathleen2952 .

    How lovely! there are so many times in my life where I can relate to this post!…… I finally got to a point in my life where i was able to trust those “No’s” as God’s will and perfect plan. Isn’t it amazing how much God loves us!

  • Denise Lowe Deck

    No can be a hard thing to accept!

  • Tyra

    This is such a fantastic way to look at it. I hate rejection but there is always a greater plan in store!

  • This is so true, Kim. I remember when i entered a writing competition years ago hoping to use the money for my Masters Degree. I wasn’t chosen and i wept bitterly. guess what? I was able to save and pay by working hard. Today, i cherish the experience and it makes me proud that with God’s help i could raise the funds. I was disappointed initially but i look back and revel in the experience.

  • Melanie Blignaut

    “No” can be very difficult to accept but thinking of it as God having something better in mind makes it easier.

  • This is such a wonderful reminder. I know I definitely struggle with no’s. I want it to happen my way, right away. But God knows best and he’s really protected and guided me.

  • Cathy McInnes

    Wow, very powerful! I love the list! I printed it out 🙂

  • I admit, I don’t like to hear the word no, but when God says no, it really is for our own good.

  • Saying no sometimes gives us the ability to say yes. When God says no he is still good and still has a plan. God is all about His mission of restoration and redemption!

  • Kay’s Ways

    Love this list! No is never the first thing someone wants to hear but sometimes it’s necessary! Great post

  • Deidre Harris McMillan

    Great Post and I am equally grateful for the No’s that have led to better as well! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Kim, this post is GOLD. The older I get the more I can look back and be so thankful for the NOs and all the things that “didn’t work out”. God plans are always the best!

  • Avis

    Yes Abba Thank You!!! Kimberly thank God for your life, you are a BLESSING!!!

  • Love this post! Bookmarking.

  • Christine St.Vil

    Girl, I’ll be sharing and pinning this one! Are you on Periscope? This could definitely be a much needed topic to discuss on there. Thank you so much for these very important reminders!

  • This is such a great post! Thanks for sharing this positivity. The No’s can be good. They tend to make me work harder.

  • YES, I love my NO’s too! They are absolutely necessary. Thanks for this great reminder.

  • Amen and amen. Great post.

  • Tunisia

    I love the list of ways no’s have been beneficial. A great outlook. I literally was sitting here, trying to think of a detailed no to answer your question but for some reason, I can’t think of them. I guess the simplest one that I can conjure up is from childhood when my mother would say no to certain things and now I understand that those no’s were really a blessing that I couldn’t see as a child but now that I’m grown, I’m very thankful for them. That’s all I got. I know I received plenty of no’s in my life though and most of the time, I feel like the no’s were teaching me patience, compassion, empathy and humility.