The Messes and Misses in Life

Kim Speaks Up - Messes and Misses in Life- tulip

We’ve all had the messes and misses in life>>>> You know the ones that I am talking about>>>> The ones that leave you shaking your head wishing you should have or would have or in disgust and repentant wishing you never did.

The Messes

The messes are the stinky ones. They leave you unable to distinguish yourself from your environment. You find yourself laying in the fetal position in an abyss of regret while dirt from all corners  and crevices of life emerge to submerge you. So you messed up and people know about it and you feel shame. My friend, this is not the end. We’ve all had messes.The messes can be downright nasty but could it be that the funk and the manure of your past can serve as fertilizer for your present and future. Just like plants, we all need dirt to grow.[line]


The Misses

We hate these too. We suffer with such severe ‘FOMO’ –> (The fear of missing out). It rattles us multiple times daily as we scroll through timelines and newsfeeds and get selective snapshots of life from those in our networks. Every picture is only part of the truth and tells only part of their story. We may see the success but not the sacrifice. We may become awe inspired by their beauty and miss their pain. Behind the filters, there are tales of fear and failure too. The person behind the camera also fears that he or she is missing out. You see, we choose to see what we want to see and miss what’s really important.

We all have a course to chart and we all must take care of the seeds in our own garden. While you admire the roses in another’s garden tend to the roses and the thorns in your own. Admire the beauty but do not devalue the hardship and hard work. There is a great purpose in all of it. Do not wish for what does not belong to you and do not fight for what’s not yours.

Your life can only be full if you choose to fully live it. Do not miss out on it.

Messes and Misses can be some of the most important lessons we will ever learn in this life. These seeds of experience covered in the dirt can sprout trees of wisdom if watered with care.

May our perspective be wide enough to evaluate the whole story.