The Power of Impact – Lessons Learned from The Bees in My Yard

impact, bees, bloom, flowers


This past weekend, I took some time to photograph the flowers surrounding my house. Admiring the vibrancy of color and formations, I paused to focus my lens on one of the magenta buds when something caught my attention. I became entranced by the motions of a bee perched upon one of the flower petals. This insect was so busy yet focused in its dance as it moved with such purpose and precision.

Purpose and precision…..

It was there that I realized:

Though flowers are what we readily admire as they bloom, the bees are who ensure they are renewed.

While the flowers leave an impression, the bees leave an impact.

They may not be seen until their buzzing is heard or their stinging is felt, but know they are working when we are not looking. They do not thrive or desire our constant attention because they live their lives on mission.

These bees are responsible for the beauty we lavishly enjoy in the springtime.
Their honey adds sweetness and healing to our bodies during sick times.
Their dance ensures there is enough food to sustain us at meal times.

Flowers in their blooming stand as a testament to the promise of what’s to come yet they will wither and fade and soon be forgotten.
Bees in their working ensure that the promise will come. Their goal is to ensure that these flowers bloom again.

That the beauty of one flower will be multiplied into the beauty of many flowers.
That the healing of one body will be multiplied into the healing and renewal of many bodies.
That the feeding of one person will be multiplied into the feeding of a multitude.

Though small in size, they have an impact on the quality of life we daily experience.


They have one leader.
They work together.
They live out purpose.
They seek opportunity for expansion.
The freely spread the gifts they carry as they ascend.
They savor the journey as they go.
They produce sweet in bitter places.

Often we think to have an impact, we must first build a platform where we can be affirmed and admired.

Impact does not need a stage, it just needs space.

The true measure of impact is that while we go, our environment grows.

Let’s seek to adopt a life of impact just like the bees.

Though our days are short, let’s make them count:

Multiplying the beauty around us as we spread love and creativity far and wide.
Encouraging the heart and nourishing the soul.
Soothing and sustaining in harsh spaces and places.
Sprinkling joy everywhere we go.
Providing food to the feeble and the famished.
Sowing seeds in preparation for harvest.

Living a life like this, people cannot help but notice.