What is Life?

Like A Vapor - Narrow Misty Road

What is your life?

A question that I have spent the last few weeks pondering. What is its purpose? What is the point? Why are some of us blessed with long spans of life and others snuffed out so early?

We are told to write the books, sing the songs, dream the dreams — the world needs to hear it but I wonder, do they really? What if you write a book that no one reads and sing a song that no one hears. Was it worth it?

King Solomon during a time of self-evaluation reminisces on the tons of books he has read and written. The vineyards and gardens, he has planted and harvested. The wars he has won and the great wine and food he never denied himself yet the sum of it all he describes as meaningless – a chasing after the wind.

A man with such great wisdom and wealth renders his life’s accomplishments as vanity. Makes me wonder, what is the purpose of having it all.

It’s a tragedy to have everything your heart and eyes desire and still miss the longing of your soul.

“Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” – James 4:14

Every actor must exit the stage. Every king must abdicate his throne. Every life that is lived must end. We are confined to time… a limited number of seconds…in limited number of hours for a limited number days.

Make them count.

Our borrowed air is on borrowed time.

Make them count.

The frailty of the body and the mind takes its toll even from the time we are conceived.

Make them count.

What do we do with this? This burden of being mortal?

We live and rejoice wholeheartedly.

Creation has a way of teaching the hardest life lessons through observation instead of instruction.

  • The colorful birds that chirp so sweetly
  • The radiant blooms of spring
  • The mighty thunder that rolls
  • The floodwaters that rise then recede
  • The lightning bolts that strike unaware
  • The rainbow splayed across dismal sky
  • The tears at birth
  • The tears at death

In each of these cases, none of the subjects live for the attention and applause of others.

The point of this life is not to get noticed but to bear witness.

Your platform is pointless if people miss the purpose– if nothing or no-one is transformed. Tell your story.

We bear witness to One who is greater. Who commands oceans and seas – nations and kings. Who changes hearts and lives.

He lends breath and lends time so we can tell His story that there is more to life than this. Those are times others truly pay attention.

With each sonnet, with each stride… Remember your Creator before the mist of life fades.

The days are passing. Do not let them pass you by.

Tell the story. Your life is a testament to life even greater than the one you’re living.