What’s Wrong With Us? – An Open Letter

What’s Wrong with Us?

So I promised myself that this post was going to be a short one. I would not inundate you with my long prose. I would keep it light and funny. Sorry…Not today!

I find myself sandwiched between the emotion of frustration and deep offense. My generation is badmouth daily by media and elders as being rude, self-centered, and apathetic.

They ridicule us. They scoff at us. They doubt our abilities. They lambaste our naiveté then condemn us to hell. They debate our flighty financial sense and aversion to assets of security. They irk about our consistent moral decay.

Are we really that bad?

How did we get here? Who carried us? Who taught us? Who mentored us?

You traded us in for the almighty dollar – outsourcing our quality family moments for x-rated entertainment.

You have allowed CNN, FOX, ABC, and NBC to pimp us out for Emmys and ratings but stand in mock horror when we show our butt on the Grammy’s.

How many times have we seen Victor Newman marry Nikki Newman while he cheats with Ashley Abbott or is it Olivia – Ashley’s black best friend???? – *could this be Shonda’s muse for Scandal?*….hmmm

How long has this cycle been perpetuated: 5///10 ///20//500 years?  And you question our ‘in’ – ability to commit.  Obviously we learned how to be Young & Restless from someone and from somewhere.

“It’s our stories!” – you say—your midday mindless fantasies and getaway

Those sordid lies are what seems to steep our present reality.

I do not blame you or the generation before you or the generation before them.

You were once us.

 Different Decade – Same Story

I am not casting blame. I am humbly suggesting that you listen…

You ask,

“What’s Wrong with Us?”

I ask,

“What’s Right with Us?”

So, leave the gossip to TMZ. We do not need your commentary. We need your support.

Don't Just Stand There

We need you to repent..Yes, I went there… I said Repent….Choose to do differently and go another way

We need you to pray for us

We need you to listen to us

We need you to invest in us

We need you to support us

We need you to be friends, parents, teachers, leaders, and mentors


We want authenticity but we need to be vulnerable

We want diversity but we need to be socialized among people who do not look and think like us

We want to be generous but we need to be taught discipline and stewardship

We want justice but we need to be taught mercy

Stop slandering our names and lead us. Take time and get to know us.

This generation is not your problem but your promise for great innovation and ingenuity.

We hold a work ethic that is not motivated by the money but simply a call to do good.

I implore you to think differently about us.

Philippians 4:8

Focus on the good!

There are many goodies in this post

*Be sure to click on some of the links in the post to see some of the great work being accomplished by our generation.

*Go here for a great article by The Atlantic  on the myth of the Narcissistic Millennial

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  • Stacy @ Anastasia Vintage

    Fantastic post, Kim. My husband and I discussed something similar recently. There are so many who are quick to judge millennials (particularly within the church), but do not realize that they are simply seeing a modern-day reflection of the same values they modeled when millennials were young, and moreover, do not see the good that young people are doing, especially when it’s in a non-traditional way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Excellent post! I struggle with where I fall in the generations. Being 35, I suppose I fall into the Generation X category and the Generation Y category. Nonetheless, there is nothing new under the sun. We are flesh and bone and have the same “restless” behavior from generation to generation. The fault lies when we fail to look back on our youth and remember what our train of thought was at the time. You gave some great examples of what happens when we turn our “restlessness” into productivity and I think our generations are doing a fantastic job!

  • Debbie Schumacher

    I come from a generation you speak of, but I hear your words, and hold your same values. Stay strong, remember to not “conform” to this world even as you try to find your way through it. It IS a maze full of wonderful and horrible things and people. All any of us can do is Observe, Absorb and Apply the lessons learned, then share them with others who are willing to learn. Keep focused on Christ, He IS the answer to everything.

  • You’ve given a lot to think about. I often feel like the reason things are they way they are is because of individual family situations. If we are ragging on this new generation, have we ragged on their upbringing? It’s a complex problem with no real solution except not to be judgmental. That’s no one’s business but the Lord’s.

  • Nikki @ www.MBAsahm.com

    Great post! Our generation definitely gets a bad rap, but there are so many fabulous things too! It’s a shame the negative aspects are the ones everyone thinks about first. Thanks for writing 🙂

  • The Do It All Mom

    I love your positive outlook on our generation. It’s so easy getting caught up in labels. I love your list of our good qualities and that’s what everyone should focus on! THANKS!

  • What a thought provoking piece. Thanks for sharing!

  • WOW! Absolutely loving your view of this generational disparity. Fantastic writing, friend!

  • This a great piece! I’ve questioned what’s wrong with us before as well. It’s nice to read that someone else is feeling and seeing the difference.

  • Wow. Great post. Love your views and your statement. Just love it!

  • Tara Joy

    Yes! My husband always says, : “the good old days” don’t truly exist because we all had our problems. We’re human for goodness sake! It is wonderful to read all of the things good with this generation, a breath of fresh air for sure!

  • A Book Long Enough .

    Beautiful, passionate post. I wish the generations in my church congregation could come together and stop judging each other.

  • Caroline Barnes

    Great post! Your right we should all focus on the good.

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  • I love reading your blog, you and I think a lot alike! 🙂 Great post, definitely worth sharing.

  • Lauren Akin

    Your a great writer and I like how you worded this. Agree a lot with you.

  • Love this post! We could all learn from each other if we truly listen. I’m a generation ahead of you, Gen X, and we’ve been known as the forgotten or lost generation. I relate to so much of what you said as well.

  • PM

    I love that your posts all that that I have read are food for thought much like mine and it is lovely 😀 keep writing 😀

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I agree, we learn to do what we see happening around us. And also what the people we admire, seem to admire.

  • I loooove this! We are sometimes asking the wrong question that’s why we can’t find the answer. I love the pictures you used. And I love how motivating and encouraing this post is.

  • WOW! I am so glad I happened upon your blog. Powerful words and yet full of grace and kindness. GREAT post. As the mother of FOUR millennials, I appreciate your words. My kids have their selfish moments {who doesn’t}, but we raised them to be others centered contributors to this world God gave us…gave THEM!
    Funny, so many of your links *I* have subscriptions to or read on the web. Great minds I suppose…heehee.
    Well…again glad to have found your place. I have added you to my BlogLovin’ list. Keep up to god {honest} work!
    Enjoy the day,,,