When Wounds Become Scars

We’ve all been wounded be it physically, psychologically, emotionally, or mentally.

We all have scars…

In the summer of 2012, I had an emergency appendectomy after 2 weeks of acute pain. I can never forget the excruciating pain I experienced up until surgery as doctors explained to me the laparoscopic procedure to remove my appendix.  Even though I was in pain at that present time, the surgical process would be minimally invasive and the healing time curtailed due to advancements in surgical technology. The procedure, however, would leave a permanent scar near my belly button.

A few weeks ago, I looked down at my belly button and rubbed my fingers along the area of the scar. I no longer felt the pain of an infected appendix but remembered the affliction and the process of healing. The proof of the affliction and the process of healing were the scars that remained. They were sealed up with no flesh exposed to infection and no indication of a festering wound but stood as a testament to that night I was rolled into surgery.

It got me thinking:

In this life, we will be afflicted with a variety of wounds: openly infected areas. Why? Because internally or externally, we experience being broken, bruised, or beaten. These wounds hurt and the level of pain at times can seem too much to bear. These wounds need to be tended to by one capable of administering healing. The healing process may vary from minimal pain to intolerable pain yet what is more caustic is allowing open wounds to fester without treatment. If untreated, an infection can spread quickly spread adversely affected many.

In a world so enraptured by the outward expression of beauty, we often spend too much time and money in an effort to mask our scars for fear of embarrassment and displeasure by the masses instead of tending to the infected places in our lives.

Your scars may be jarring, unpleasant, unkempt…an admission and acknowledgment of the damage that was done that cannot be erased. You may worry that it tells a story of weakness.

My friend, it is a story of triumph.

Your scars are also testaments that there is life after being wearied and wounded. They are compelling evidence to the miraculous healing power of God who stood by you in the messy places of wounded-ness. Your wounds are a testimony to your hurting. Your scars are a testimony to God’s healing.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” – Psalm 147:3


Address the wounds but do not conceal your scars. Do not despise these scars. Your scars serve as a memory that there was a battle – you may have won or you may have lost – but because you have life, you did indeed overcome adversity. God is greater than any affliction and in him, you are an overcomer.

When I left the hospital 24 hours after I entered, my testimony was this: It hurt yesterday now it’s healing today.

  • Freely Destined

    So true, I’m reminded everyday of God’s mercy when I look at my scars. Thanks for your encouraging words Kim.