Why Do We Not Mourn

Why Do We Not Mourn

Why Do We Not Mourn?

When was the last time you mourned?  I mean seriously cried over the present state and situation of another human being or people group. In our modern western society, the custom of mourning is foreign and many times misunderstood.  Mourning makes us uncomfortable and down-right sad. We do not want to think of the dead nor the dying. It forces us to come face to face without our own mortality. So we become consumed with the notion and business of our own happiness. We neglect the holiness and happiness of others especially if it opposes or even infringes on our life. 

Instead we spend billions of dollars on our amusement. We choose to be a-mused.

Yes: prefix – “a” – against + “mused” – thinking

We make a decision to STOP THINKING.

We are silent to the incest in our own homes. We are blind to the plight in our neighborhoods. We do not smell the stench of tribes and people groups plagued by hunger, contaminated by water, and disease. We tout a post-racial society. We cringe at countries who castrate men and women who go against the mores of the present regime. We ignore the blatant discrimination and racism that occurs across the globe. We purport sex as a trendy -wild –  wielding –  weapon that liberates the MASSES yet fail to acknowledge the abuse, the hurt, the pain, the death and demise caused by its misuse in society.

It accounts for one of the greatest atrocities known to humankind – modern day slavery.

Is there NOT a Cause?

Many are bound by whips, chains, and pimps— some motivated by fantasy while others are motivated by fear….We sit in silence and do not mourn.  We do not act.

Mourners carry the bodies of a brother and sister
Picture from BBC World News

Why do we not mourn? When do we together put away our consumption of luxuries and conveniences? Use only what is needed. Acknowledge the travesty. Mourn for the hopeless, homeless, the hungry, and the hurt. When do we work to seek the production of food, shelter, clothes and the whole well-being of another/// to ensure they have food like us, homes like us, clothes like us and are well-rounded.

Why do we not  mourn for Goodness sake…mourn for Gospel’s sake….mourn for God’s sake.

Innocence has been stolen from us and our children. Our homes have been ripped apart by pride, power, and perversion. Nations are plundered and lay in ruin. Yet we sit in silence and fear for our safety–hoping that these evils won’t rare its head. Sitting in wait, sitting in wonder, and hoping to not be exposed. Hoping we can suppress it if we ignore it. We do not mourn! We condone… We make mention for social-media’s sake but will be slow to act or worse yet—do not act.

Picture from Associated Press
Picture from Associated Press

We become Slacktivist.

According to The New Oxford Dictionary,

“A slacktivist performs actions via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvemente.g.signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on asocial media website:”

I too am guilty. I do not mourn. These sins do not grieve me as they should. Why do I not mourn? Why do these things not break my heart like they break God’s heart? I pray that they do soon. I pray that they break your heart like they break God’s heart. I pray we grieve. I pray that we grieve to the point it moves us to righteous action.

1 Corinthians 7:10

I pray that it moves us in the way that it moved Jesus to the cross. I pray that it moves us to radical loving and radical living where we love our enemies with the same voracity that we love our neighbors.  I pray that we learn how to love so we can learn how to grieve.


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May we save lives for goodness sake…for gospel’s sake….for God’s sake.

Let us mourn as those with hope:

May our grief save many lives just as Christ saved ours!

blessed are those who mournKim Speaks Up - Signature

  • Wow! What a great reminder to be aware! In today’s society it’s easy to get bogged down on our own issues and not take the time to mourn. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle Myers

    This is such a GOOD reminder! I do not mourn as I should either. It is so difficult to not be overwhelmed by the tremendous needs all around us that it almost freezes up into immobility. I think realizing that no one can do EVERYTHING but everyone can do SOMETHING could go a long way to fighting the causes/issues/problems mentioned. And slacktivist, that so describes the culture and even me. So much to ponder here, thanks for the well written and thought provoking post!

  • Joy Aletheia Stevens

    You’ve tugged my heart today. Thank you. I too am guilty of ignoring and just hoping all the bad will go away… of not acting. I hope and pray that I can do and be better.

  • Popofstyle

    I’m very much one for let’s go to sleep and wake up and forget about it, but you’re right it’s important to take time to move through these feelings.

  • Danielle K

    It is something we all should think about and I admit I tend to live in my own bubble and not acknowledge the pain in the world around me because it’s just so sad.

  • Wow! Your post is beautiful and so true. I never want to get so jaded that I turn a blind eye to those that are hurting in this world. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Samantha

    Wow..truth!! Love this post and resonate deeply with it.. thank you for sharing.

  • ah, slacktavists… this actually drives me crazy! haha. But this was a bold and inspiring post. In reality, a huge factor is also sheer ignorance. People just choose not to know. I’m currently living in Tanzania and I can’t tell you how many people have sent me panicked questions about Ebola… which is on the other side of the CONTINENT….
    May eyes be opened and hearts be moved.

  • Such truth.. I’m definitely guilty of turning my head. Praying for true sight to see the hurting in this world & for us as Christ followers to do something about it.

  • Kristine

    Wow, such an inspiring post! It’s definitely something we should all think about more and pay more attention to. I am guilty of turning a blind eye as well!

  • raebowxx

    This is an amazing post. You are right and I have never really thought about it that way.

  • This post is so inspiring. I only think of mourning in the time of death but there is so much more.

  • A Book Long Enough .

    This Sunday in Children’s Church we talked about how Jesus lives inside everyone, so what we do to others (or fail to do for others), we do to Jesus. Thank you for an amazing post, Kim.

  • Caroline Barnes

    This is an eye opening post! You are right I think most of us are stuck in our own little world and are not present and conscious to other peoples need and sufferings.

  • Debi Robarts

    Wow. Deep thoughts! Beautiful post.

  • I definitely understand your point that people often don’t think of the injustices going on in the world if they aren’t in their own backyard. However I also believe that we can’t spend our entire lives being sad about those injustices. Yes, we should pay attention to them. But we should also realize that there’s only so much we can each do.

  • Theresa Beauteeful Living

    Poignant post. I admit I’m the kind of person who prefers to look at things to celebrate and not mourn. That said, there’s still a lot of injustice out there that weighs heavily on my mind.

  • Wow, so very true…thank you for the truths in this post.

  • Nikki @ www.MBAsahm.com

    Yikes, this is so true and so sad to realize. It is so easy to “forget” about what is going on around the world and live our lives inside protected bubbles. But the pain that others are going through really does affect each and every one of us, so we really would all benefit from mourning a little. Very thoughtful post. Thanks 🙂

  • Katie

    Kim, oh, how many times I have cried out to the Lord literally and figuratively. I am with you. I am praying too.

  • Interesting insight onto this subject, thanks for sharing!

  • Susan Mahlburg

    I was reading the Rolling Stone article re: sexual assault on college campuses, and it definitely made my soul mourn. It’s amazing how people can ignore injustices, even those that happen to people we know.

  • Wow, what a post. I’m not sure what to say, those pictures have so much emotion. Don’t think words can sum them up.

  • Jen @ The Halfway Homemaker

    Great insight, thank you for sharing.

  • Hannah Diane

    Thank you for sharing such a good post!!

  • What a powerful post! My heart mourns for the children I work with, but sadly outside of my circle of ministry I am pretty much a slacktivist. I pray though and need to start working on doing more.

  • Stephanie Pass

    I think in our country we don’t have a real mourning process like they do in other cultures.

  • Wow, this hit a cord with me! You’re right, we are taught in the western world to move forward and not mourn or cry in public. However, in many other cultures they visible mourn for 6-12 months. I agree, we have the mentality to ignore it in our culture if it’s not happening “to me” or in “my neighborhood”.

  • Tara Joy

    You are so right about our society not mourning. We don’t focus on whats happening around the world and just on what is good for us and our lives. It is so sad, and these things deserve to be mourned because this is not the world God wanted for his children.

  • Aisha Leuthardt

    This is so true! I often mourn for those people and pray and try to do things to help- whether its give my time or money. I hope to do a mission trip in the next year.

    It is so true that people do not mourn but instead are ignorant if it doesn’t have to do with them.

  • Erin Kennedy

    wow. the truth. Thanks for sharing your truth and for this deep post. Needed to be read.

  • I love reading this. It is so true, we are so consumed with things that we don’t take the time to care about others. I’m guilty of this. I need to put more effort into finding ways that I can help others.

  • Lynn Mosher

    Such exhorting thoughts, Kim. Excellent! Yes, it all breaks my heart. Deep thoughts. Thank you!

  • Laura

    Very deep and enlightening post! There is so much hurt, pain, suffering, tragedy, etc going on in this word. Sometimes it’s too much to handle. I think that is one reason why some people “do not mourn.”